Purdy’s Chocolate Orders Due

Just a friendly reminder that all Purdy’s chocolate orders are due on Friday Oct 26, 2018! Please return your completed order form to the the office with a cheque made payable to “Hillcrest PAC”. Orders can also be placed online by following the instructions on the order form. If you have any questions please contact our coordinator, Anitra Worton (Wortonfamily@gmail.com).

Stranger Alert

Dear Parents and Guardians

On October 18 at approximately 7:45am, two of our students were approached by a stranger as they were walking to their bus stop near the Downtown Activity Center.  The stranger was driving a black SUV and asked the students if they wanted a ride. He then started to pull over in front of them.  The students refused and ran to the bus stop.  The man then drove off.  The students told their parents and the incident was report to the RCMP. 

Teachers will be discussing the incident with classes.  Please help your children and the community by discussing this information, safety and the importance of not going anywhere with strangers.

If you have any questions, please call me at the school.

Yours truly,

Gord Ritchie