Mrs. Corbett’s Special Guest

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Thank you to Mr. Peter Jory (Superintendent of Schools/CEO – SD83) for taking the time to visit Mrs. Corbett’s Grade 2 class today.  The students were able to ask Mr. Jory lots of great questions about his job as Superintendent. They also tricked Mr. Jory into reading “The Book with No Pictures”, which resulted in many laughs for everyone involved.

One-to-One Celebration


There was a party in the Library at lunch today for the students and volunteers who participated in the One-to-One reading program at Hillcrest this year. The One-to-One program is sponsored by the Literacy Alliance of the Shuswap Society (LASS). The mission of the One-to-One program is to provide a supportive environment that builds the self-confidence and literacy skills of children, enabling them to become independent and competent learners.  A huge thank you to Kristy Cruikshank for coordinating our One-to-One reading program at Hillcrest again this year.

PAC Thank You


Photo: (Left: Christy Wright, Carla Booker, Morgan Wilson, Anitra Worton and Joanna Hamilton)

On Monday May 27, we held our last PAC meeting of the year in the Library. During the meeting, we took some time to recognize and thank our amazing PAC Executive for all of their hard work. It is truly incredible what this dedicated group of individuals has accomplished over the past year. From installing our new playground in August to annual events like the Kindergarten Tea, flower sales, chocolate sales, Roots and Blues tickets,  the Spring Carnival, the Hot Lunch Program, etc., the contributions this group makes to our school community every year is greatly appreciated.

On another note, we are still looking to fill a couple of important positions (Secretary and Breakfast Program Coordinator) on our PAC next year. If you are able to help out please contact Morgan Wilson (

Hillcrest Fun Hockey League


Thank you to all of our grade 3, 4, 5 students and staff who participated in the Hillcrest Fun Hockey League this year! In total there were 8 teams, 90 students and staff, who participated this year. All of the teams displayed great sportsmanship throughout the season, even when they were beaten by the Terrific Teacher team:)

Swimming Starts Next Week!

Swimming starts next week! Please remind your child to…
  • Wear their swim suits under their regular clothes to make changing quicker.
  • Bring a towel and under clothes in a bag for after swimming.
  • Dress for the weather, as some classes will be walking to the pool then bussing back to school.
Note, different classes will be swimming on different days so please be sure to check the schedule below.

K-3 Swimming Schedule

Group 1 – Thursdays – May 30, June 6,13,20

Lesson Time Division Teachers Bus Leaves School Bus Leaves Pool
9:00 – 10:00 5


Smith (3)

Larmand (3)

Walk 10:15
10:00 – 11:00 11


Boyd (1)

Corbett (2)

9:35 11:15
11:00 – 12:00 14


Knipe (K)

Housden (3)

10:35 12:15


Group 2 – Tuesdays – May 28, June 4,11,18

Lesson Time Division Teachers Bus Leaves School Bus Leaves Pool
10:00-11:00 9


Meerza (2)

Porter (K)

9:35 11:15


Group 3 – Tuesdays – June 4,11,18, 25

Lesson Time Division Teachers Bus Leaves School Bus Leaves Pool
11:00-12:00 10


Mueller (1/2)

Morrison (K/1)

10:35 12:15


Grade 4/5 Rec Swim Schedule

Tuesdays –  June 11, 25

Lesson Time Division Teachers Bus Leaves School Bus Leaves Pool
9:00 – 10:00 1




Menzies (5)

Tyssen (5)

Wentworth (4)

Gesce (4)

Walk 10:15

Bears in the Neighborhood

This is the time of year when bears, cougars and other wild animals often move into some Salmon Arm neighbourhoods.  Over the past week there has been bear sightings on a few different occasions near Hillcrest. After school today (around 4:00pm) a bear even decided to take a stroll down Harrison Hill and through the school yard.  We all need to be prepared, should we come across a wild animal.  Bear and Cougar attacks are uncommon, but precautions should still be taken.

Please talk to your children about precautions to take in their neighborhood and when walking back and forth to school.  Some suggestions ( are:

To Do:

  • Walk in groups of 3 or more and make lots of noise.
  • If you carry food, it should be sealed up in your lunch kit and backpack.
  • Be alert, look around.
  • Use sidewalks along the road instead of shortcuts through forest or shrubby areas.
  • If you do see a bear/cougar, keep calm, make yourself looks as large as possible, back away slowly, speak in a confident calm voice if the animal continues to approach.
  • If it is a bear you should avoid eye contact. If it is a cougar you should maintain eye contact.
  • Please report any wild animal sightings to the school.


  • Do not run away. Sudden movements may provoke an attack.
  • Do not carry or eat food on the way home.
  • Do not approach a bear, cougar or other wild animal, and do not leave out food for it.

Thanks for your help and support.

Week at a Glance – May 13, 2019

Attached is our WEEK at a GLANCE for the week of May 13-17, 2019. If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to complete a Swimming Permission Form for each of your children by tomorrow! Below is a link to a post with more info about swimming and the forms that need to be completed.



Tree Planting

A huge thank you to Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Reed, Kim Fulton (Dr. Fish) and Molly Cooperman for organizing an amazing day of Tree Planting on Tuesday! Each student at Hillcrest was able to plant a tree with a goal of helping reduce the erosion on the banks in the South East corner of our property. Please be extra careful in the Sand Hill and Harrison Hill area over the next little while so that our trees have a chance of establishing themselves. This activity was in celebration and recognition of Hillcrest’s participation in the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) Wild School Program.  (

Lauren Mann

Thanks to Mr. Roberts, Lauren Mann will be visiting Hillcrest on Monday May 13 to put on a special show for our students! She is in town on Sunday May 12th @ 3pm at the Nexus on First – admission is by donation if you are interested in attending!
Below is a link to the video created in 2017 when Lauren was at Hillcrest working with our students on the “Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Hillcrest Folk: Brave Face” Project. For more information on Lauren Mann and her music please click on the link below.