Swimming Program

Hillcrest is very excited to be offering our Swimming Program again this year for all of our students.  Each student in Grades K-3 will get four swim times. Each swim time will consist of a 30 minute Lesson and a 30 minute Recreational Swim. Students in Grades 4&5 will get two 60 minute Recreational Swim times.  It is very important that you answer the questions carefully on the permission forms so that your child is placed in the correct swimming group for their lesson.

Also, please remind your child to…

  1. Wear their swim suits under their regular clothes to make changing quicker. 
  2. Bring a towel and under clothes in a bag for after swimming. 
  3. Dress for the weather, as some classes will be walking to the pool then bussing back to school. 

Note, different classes will be swimming on different days. As a result, each class has their own specific permission form to be filled out. (See Below)

The deadline for completing the online permission forms is Wednesday May 15, 2019. Thank you for completing this form ASAP! 

Swimming Permission Forms

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