Welcome Back

Dear Hillcrest Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer full of unforgettable adventures and quality family time. The staff at Hillcrest have been very busy over the past few weeks making sure everything is just perfect for the first day of school. We are extremely excited to welcome all of our new and returning students back to school next week! Below is some important information about the first few days of school.


GRADE 1-5 STUDENTS will start school on Tuesday, September 3rd with an early dismissal at 11:07am.

  • RETURNING STUDENTS should line-up at the exterior door of last year’s classroom when the welcoming bell rings at 8:08am. The students will spend the first day in their last year’s classrooms, so we can determine who has moved away and who has recently registered.
  • NEW STUDENTS should report to the office when the welcoming bell rings at 8:08am. From there they will be directed to Mrs. Menzies classroom for our new student orientation. 

Buses will be running early as well on this day, picking up students shortly after our 11:07am dismissal.


On Tuesday evening (Sept 3), parents will be sent an email to inform you who your child’s teacher will be. Class lists will not be posted at the school on Tuesday evening as has traditional been done. This change in practice is in response to the new Freedom of Information and Privacy Office laws.

GRADE 1-5 STUDENTS should line up at the exterior door of their new classroom when the welcoming bell rings at 8:08am. Teacher’s names will be posted on their classroom door or window so that parents can help their child find the correct classroom. If you do not receive an email on Tuesday evening notifying you who your child’s teacher will be, please check in with the office on Wednesday morning.

KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS will begin their Gradual Entry on Wednesday, September 4th. Kindergarten families should have received a welcoming letter over the summer with the unique Kindergarten Gradual Entry schedule for their class. Kindergarten parents are asked to contact the office before Wednesday if they did not receive this information over the summer.


Families do not need to go out and purchase school supplies for their children. The school has purchased school supplies for each classroom, and families are charged a School Supply Fee to cover the cost of the supplies used over the course of the year. In preparation for the first day, students will need to have a backpack and a clean pair of indoor runners (with non-marking soles). A School Supply Fee letter will be sent home as part of a newsletter during the first week.

Have a wonderful long weekend! We are looking forward to seeing all of our students’ smiling faces next week!

Gord Ritchie


LINK: Welcome Back Letter – Parents

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