Healthy Bites – Tip #1

A simple guideline for raising healthy children: 5-4-3-2-1-0
5 servings fruits and veggies
4 hugs
3 smiles
2 or less hours of screen time
1 or more hours of active play
0 sugar sweetened beverages
Raising healthy children is more complex than a simple guideline; however, this formula does offer a helpful way to remember today’s basic public health messages for children. Our children are growing up in an environment that makes healthy choices difficult, and often parents must go out of our way to help them adopt healthy behaviours that will help them prevent chronic disease later in life. While consumption of occasional sugar-sweetened beverages is fine, the spirit of the guideline is that these drinks should not be consumed on a regular basis and that water is the drink of choice.
Note: Healthy Bites are brought to us by the SD83 Healthy Schools team.

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