Breakfast Program Survey

A message from Kayla Vannieuwenhuizen (Breakfast Program Coordinator):

We’re into month two of our breakfast program, here at Hillcrest, and I’m thankful to have taken over the role of breakfast program coordinator. My name is Kayla Vannieuwenhuizen and after our PAC president Morgan Wilson kicked off the year with the program, I was really excited to get on board and help out our students. We would appreciate if you could take 2 minutes to fill out this survey we have put together, so that we are making sure we are doing what’s best for all our students here at Hillcrest. With the support of The Breakfast Program of Canada and our parent volunteers, a huge thank you must go out to them all. Many parents have already filled a role this year in assisting the program by making sure our students have the best possible start to their days with a healthy meal.


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