Zero Waste Lunch Day

Congratulations to everyone at Hillcrest on your wonderful effort during our Zero-Waste Lunch last Wednesday!  We were very impressed with so many staff and students who had zero waste in their lunch!  There were some fantastic examples of waste-free lunch kits, containers, thermoses, water bottles and reusable wraps that many students already use regularly.

Although there were still a few wrappers and waste products at school that day, it was really cool to see students and teachers thinking about how those items might be re-used or what would be the most responsible way to dispose of those items.


One class kept track of all of their waste items over the course of the full day discussed ways the items could be reduced and the best ways to dispose of those items; for example: orange peel (compost), yogurt or apple sauce container (recycling – thoroughly washed), juice box (return for money).

Overall, the day was a great success that helped all of us to think about what we can do to cut down on food waste.   At the end of the day, the Green Team collected the waste items from all classrooms including garbage and recycling.  The total weight of all waste items collected that day day was just over 1lb!  We feel that this was pretty good for our first attempt at a zero waste lunch in a school of 317 students and 40 staff!

We look forward to more waste-free challenges and other “Green Team” initiatives in the near future!


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