Parking Lot Safety

Our parking lot can be challenging at the best of times, and with the extra snow this year it can be even more frustrating.  Lately we have noticed that several of our parking lot expectations are not being followed as closely as we would like. Below is a reminder of the expectations we have to ensure everyone’s safety and keep traffic flowing.

  1. At no times should vehicles be parked in the Kiss and Go lane. This includes times when the parking lot is not busy. As this area is also a Fire Lane it must remain open at all times.
  2. Vehicles should not enter the staff parking area. This is where our students line up for their buses.
  3. Pedestrians must stay on the sidewalks. Navigating our busy parking lot is made much more difficult if pedestrians are constantly walking through traffic. We will do our best to ensure sidewalks are clear and salted throughout the winter.
  4. Our entire parking lot is an idle free zone. In addition to wanting to prevent further pollution we also have “Young Lungs at Work”.
  5. Always leave 3 car lengths when parking near a crosswalk or an intersection. It is important that vehicles on the road can clearly see if students are getting ready to cross. This applies to the crossing walk across the field as well.

Finally, if you are parking in our parking lot, we also ask that you fill the parking lot by parking in the stalls furthest away from the entrance first as shown in the map below. This will ensure that empty stalls are easily visible.

Thank you for your cooperation by adhering to our parking lot expectations.

Parking Lot

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