Reminders for the Last Week of School

Last day of school72

Dear Hillcrest Families,

As we head into our last week of school, I would like to share our appreciation for your support and flexibility over the past few months as we navigated these very unusual times.  I am so proud of our entire community (staff, students and parents) for how we have stepped up to the challenge and worked together to explore new ways of learning both at home and at school. As difficult as it has been over the past few months, having students back at school in June has been absolutely wonderful, and the lessons we have learnt will be invaluable as we plan to ensure learning can continue when we head back to school in the fall.

Below is some important information about our alternate schedule for the last week of school.

Alternate Schedule for the Last Week


June 22


June 23


June 24


June 25


June 26

Group 1

(would usually attend on Mon/Tues)

Group 2

(would usually attend on Thurs/Fri)

Whole Class Farewell Events

(See Schedule)

Whole Class Farewell Events

(See Schedule)

Administrative Day

Note: Home Learning Opportunities will still be provided for the week, however, due to our Whole Class Farewell Events on Wednesday June 24 and Thursday June 25, regular Teams meetings will not be scheduled.

Whole Class Farewell Events

Please contact your child’s teacher if your child has not been attending school but would like to participate in the Whole Class Farewell Event planned for their class. As always, we completely respect the decision of families who may not want to participate in this activity. Below are some important reminders regarding our planned Whole Class Farewell Events.

  • Due to the complexity of our schedule it is very important that parents drop-off and pick-up their child within the windows provided.
  • Drop-off will be in the parking lot for all classes.
  • Pick-up will be on 20th Street by the Adventure Playground for students in Grades K-4. Students in Grade 5 will be picked up in the parking lot.
  • All students attending our Whole Class Farewell Events must complete a Heath Check in the parking lot upon arrival. Please bring a Health Check Ticket to speed up this process.
  • Students should be prepared to participate in the activities outside so please dress for the weather.
  • Students should bring a water bottle but not a lunch. Students will be eating lunch at home on this day.

Wednesday June 24

Division Drop-off Time

Parking Lot

Pick-up Time

Adventure Playground

Div 11 – Boyd 8:05-8:15 9:45-9:55
Div 12 – Morrison 8:30-8:40 10:10-10:20
Div 13 – Porter 8:55-9:05 10:35-10:45
Div 14 – Knipe 9:20-9:30 11:00-11:10
Div 5 – Smith 9:45-9:55 11:25-11:35
Div 6 – Housden 10:10-10:20 11:50-12:00
Div 7 – Larmand 10:35-10:45 12:15-12:25
Div 8 – Corbett 11:00-11:10 12:40-12:50
Div 9 – Meerza 11:25-11:35 1:05-1:15
Div 10 – Wessely 11:50-12:00 1:30-1:40

Thursday June 25

Division Drop-off Time

Parking Lot

Pick-up Time

Adventure Playground

Div 4 – Gecse 8:05-8:15 9:45-9:55
Div 3 – Boyce 8:30-8:40 10:10-10:20

Thursday June 25

Division Drop-off Time

Parking Lot

Pick-up Time

Parking Lot

Div 2 – Tyssen 9:20-9:30 11:35-11:45
Div 1 – Menzies 9:45-9:55 12:00-12:10

Report Cards

Report cards will be handed out during the Whole Class Farewell Events. If your child is not attending this event, report cards can be picked up on Thursday June 25 or Friday June 26 from 8:00am-3:00pm. Please call the school at (250) 832-7195 when you arrive so that we can meet you at the door.

Chromebooks, iPads and Library Books

Please ensure all Chomebooks, iPads and Library books are returned to school no later than June 22. Invoices will be prepared on June 23 for any items outstanding.

Thank you again for your cooperation as we bring closure to what has been a very unusual school year. Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions or concerns.


Gord Ritchie

Principal- Hillcrest Elementary School


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