Halloween at Hillcrest

As Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, students can choose to wear a Halloween Costume to school on Friday October 30. If you choose to wear a Halloween Costume please ensure you…

  1. Keep fake weapons at home
  2. Keep blood and gore to a minimum – not too scary please
  3. Only wear a mask in your classroom when permitted by your teacher
  4. Choose a costume that is respectful of all individuals and cultures
  5. Choose a costume that will not interfere with your learning

Students who do not want to wear a costume can show their school spirit by dressing in black and/or orange on this day!

As for Halloween Candy, we respectfully request that Halloween candy be consumed at home and not school. 

Unfortunately, there will be no Monster March this year due to COVID restrictions. In it’s place, Mrs. Menzies and her grade 5 leadership students will be hosting a Pumpkin Decorating (not carving) Contest on Thursday Oct 29 and a Costume Contest on Friday Oct 20. We will be sure to take lots of pictures!

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