Snow and Sliding at Hillcrest

SLIDESHOW: Pictures from our first snow day.

With our early snowfall this year it is a good time to review some of our expectations with respect to snow and sliding at Hillcrest.

“Snow is for BUILDING and SLIDING only” – The expectation is no throwing of snow. Not at a tree, not in a tire, not on the playground etc. Hillcrest students seem to be pretty respectful of this.

“If you did not make it, you may not break it” – The expectation is that students respect what others build. This is the same expectation we have for forts.

Sliding on Snow Pants – There are a number of little slopes around the grounds that students like to slide on. As long as they are safe they will remain open. If they become unsafe, they will be closed off. For safety reasons students sliding are expected to…

  • wear snowpants
  • slide feet first
  • wait until the hill is clear (one at a time)
  • move to the side of the hill when finished

GT’ing on Harrison Hill – The only type of slider permitted at Hillcrest is a GT Snowracer. Kindergartens are not permitted to GT, only grade 1 through 5 students. GT’s are only to be used on Harrison Hill when it is open and an adult is there to supervise. GT’s come down one sled at a time with a safe gap between sleds. There may be two riders on a GT. No jumps, please. HELMETS are mandatory. Finally, GT’s are not permitted in school. They are neatly lined up against the wall outside classroom doors. They need to go home on a daily basis.

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