Spring Hot Lunch Menus – Available Now!

The spring and summer hot lunch menu is available now!  A new option for your student at Panago is chicken bites; they come in a pack of five with optional dipping sauce.  These have been a hit at some other schools in the district.  Thanks for supporting the Hillcrest PAC!

Friday, Jan 29/21 – Subway Sunday, Jan 24/21 
Friday, Feb 26/21 – Hungry Panda Sunday, Feb 21/21 
Friday, Apr 23/21 – Panago  *Thursday Apr 15/21 
Friday, May 28/21 – Subway Sunday, May 23/21 
Friday, Jun 18/21 – Panago *Thursday Jun 10/21 

**Hot lunch order is not available in March due to spring break.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to place your order online.

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