Leadership Activities

All students are invited to participate in the following activities planned over the next few weeks!


To celebrate Star Wars Day students are invited to participate in a STAR WARS ART ATTACK!

  • Draw your favourite character
  • Colour or paint a Star Wars picture
  • Create a new light saber
  • Build a small droid
  • Any artsy idea will work!

Please bring in your creations on May 4th. If you really want to get into the theme, you could dress like your favourite character on that day too. May the 4th be with you!!!!

Thursday May 20 – Twin (Multiples) Day!

This is your chance to dress up with your friend(s)! Wear the same color shirt, wear your hair the same way, wear the same shoes etc.! This day is not meant to be exclusive in nature, so please help your child explore the option of including many friends when choosing what to wear.

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