Skating Program Permission Form

Dear Hillcrest Families,

We are excited to share that our Skating Program will begin on February 9, 2022. This year all of our students in K-5 will have an opportunity to participate in three skating sessions at the Shaw Center Arena. Below is the schedule of when classes will be participating as well as a link to the online permission form that needs to be completed by Tuesday January 25, 2022. If you do not have any skates at home that fit your child please start looking for some now. The school does have skates available to borrow, however, there is limited supply and sizing.


Group 1 – Wed Feb 9, Wed Feb 16, Wed Feb 23
9:00-9:45 – Div 10 (Corbett) & Div 7 (Larmand)
9:45-10:30 – Div 14 (Sudbury) & Div 6 (Housden)
10:30-11:15 – Div 11 (Boyd) & Div 12 (Kehl)

Group 2 – Fri Feb 11, Fri Feb 25, and Wed Mar 2
9:00-9:45 – Div 8 (Boyce) & Div 13 (Porter)
9:45-10:30 – Div 5 (M Smith) & Div 9 (Meerza)
10:30-11:15 – Div 1 (Menzies), Div 2 (Tyssen), Div 3 (C Smith) & Div 4 (Gecse)


HELMETS:  Students and parent coaches must wear either hockey, bike or similar type helmets.
GLOVES: Students must wear some kind of gloves.
SNOW PANTS: Snow pants are highly recommended for students in Grades K-3.
SKATES: Parents who do not have skates for their child are encouraged to borrow from a friend.  We also have some skates at school. 
FOOD/DRINKS:  Students are not permitted to purchase any items at the rink.  Do not send money.

Thank you for your support by completing the permission form above at your earliest convenience.


Gord Ritchie

Principal – Hillcrest Elementary School

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