Parent and PAC THANK YOU!

Every year we look back with pride at the opportunities we were able to provide our students. This would not be possible without the support of our countless parent volunteers and amazing Parents Advisory Council.

This year our PAC organized a wonderful Spring Carnival, a Plug and Play Community Walk, and countless fundraisers (ie. Apples, Purdy’s Chocolates, Winter Flowers, Spring Flowers, Track and Field Concession etc.). They also coordinated our breakfast program, hot lunch program, a free soup hot lunch made from scratch in our Multi-purpose room, and two very special staff appreciation lunches.

Our PAC provided financial support for our skating program, dance program, and swimming program. They also provided funds for each division to help offset the costs of fieldtrips.

In addition to providing financial support for the programs mentioned above, funds raised by our PAC were used to purchase new benches for our school grounds and seven new Soundfield systems for our classrooms. The Soundfield systems purchased have been an excellent addition to our classrooms as they provide an improved learning environment for all students.

Thank you to the hundreds of parents who were able to help as volunteers (ie. Skating, Spring Carnival, Swimming, Hillcrest Hustle, Field Trips, Hot Lunch, Breakfast Program, Fundraisers, etc.) so that we could provide the best possible learning experience for our students. And a special thank you to our amazing PAC Executive for the countless hours they put in behind the scenes this year.

President:  Morgan Wilson     

Vice- President: Joanna Hamilton

Secretary:  Kayla Vanniewenhuizen

Treasurer: Chantelle Burgess

Breakfast Club Coordinator: Kayla Vanniewenhuizen

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Kristy Chruikshank

DPAC:  Fiona Flemming

We are so lucky to have such supportive families in our school community. Thank you for keeping the tradition alive!

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