Winter Activities

Our season of winter fieldtrips is coming to a close. The above photos are from Mrs. Larmand’s Cross Country Skiing field trip and Mrs. Meerza’s Snow Shoeing Field Trip. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for helping provide such wonderful experiences for our students.

Wildlife Safety

As spring approaches it is common to see wildlife in the Hillcrest area. Over the weekend there were even reports of a cougar near Crystal Springs subdivision! Bear and Cougar attacks are uncommon, however, it is important that we take precautions and be prepared if we come across a wild animal. 

Please take some time to talk to your children about precautions to take when playing in your neighborhood and walking back and forth to school. Below are some basic safety guidlines. For more information please visit the following the Wildsafe BC website at


  • Walk in groups of 3 or more and make lots of noise.
  • If you carry food, it should be sealed up in your lunch kit and backpack.
  • Be alert, look around.
  • Use sidewalks along the road instead of shortcuts through forest or shrubby areas.
  • If you do see a bear/cougar, keep calm, make yourself looks as large as possible, back away slowly, speak in a loud low voice if the animal continues to approach.
  • If it is a bear you should avoid eye contact. If it is a cougar you should maintain eye contact.  
  • Please report any wild animal sightings to the school.


  • Do not walk alone.
  • Do not run away. Sudden movements may provoke an attack.
  • Do not carry or eat food on the way home.
  • Do not approach a bear, cougar or other wild animal, and do not leave out food for it.

Thanks for your help and support.

LINKS to Wildsafe BC Brochures

Lost and Found

Help! The Lost and Found bin at Hillcrest is overflowing! To make it easier to spot things you might recognize the items have been spread out in our main hallway for the next week. Please have your child collect any items you recognize in the video above ASAP. Unclaimed items will be taken to the Thrift Store on Feb 26, 2021.

Dancing with Smiles

Thank you to our coaches Kali, Gabriel, and Georgia from Just for Kicks Dance for an amazing dance program this year! Our students had a blast learning some new moves and working together on a class routine. With the support of our PAC, each class received four lessons in total over the course of four weeks.

Crazy Hair Day & Crazy for Kindness Bulletin Board

Our grade 5 leadership students are hosting a school wide CRAZY HAIR DAY on Friday Feb 19. Show your school spirit and join in the fun as we celebrate differences by getting a little crazy, with our hair that is.

Our leadership students will also visiting classroom this week to talk about a Crazy for Kindness bulletin board they are putting together in support of Pink Shirt Day. All students are encourage to contribute by binging their kindness hearts by Monday Feb 22.

Pink Shirt Day

Don’t forget to wear PINK on Wednesday February 24 in recognition of Pink Shirt Day. The theme for this year’s Pink Shirt Day is “Lift each other up”; a simple but powerful message encouraging us to look beyond our differences and celebrate the things that make us unique. When we lift each other up, we see past the things that separate us and see instead the things that unite us as people. Take your kindness to new heights!

Cold Weather Ahead!

It looks like winter has finally arrived and we are expecting some cold days ahead this week. It is extremely important that students dress for the weather when coming to school. In addition to being outside for recess times, many classes also have outdoor learning built into their weekly schedule.

During very poor weather students will be permitted to play appropriately inside. Given the protection offered by our surrounding forests, when temperatures are in the range of -10 to -15 degrees at the school, students are typically expected to play outside as long as the wind chill isn’t too bad. When the temperature drops below -15 degrees at the school there is a good chance students will have an indoor recess. The decision whether or not to have an indoor recess rests with the principal and is based on a number of factors (ie. temperature at the school, wind chill, shelters available, length of time outside, etc.).

Students should not be arriving at school before 7:50am, however, if your child arrives at school before the bell, an announcement may be made inviting student inside a few minutes early on extreme cold weather days. In previous years students have been able to take shelter from the cold before school in the multi-purpose room, however, this will not be possible this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and the grab and go style breakfast program.

Cross Country Skiing

This is the third week in a row Grade 2 students from Mrs. Corbett’s class have been skiing at Larch Hills! Accoding to Mrs. Corbett all of her students have done amazingly well and have improved a ton. They even did a 5+ km loop today! Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for making our ski program possible.

Report Card Update

Dear Parents,

Over the past year School District No. 83 has been making the transition to a new student information management system called MyEducation BC. As part of this transition parents can expect a new format for their child’s report card. The new report card format was developed by the SD83 Communicating Student Learning Committee.

Our MyEducation team has been working extremely hard to complete all of the set-up work required for teachers to be able to produce their report cards, however, the system is not yet ready for teachers to begin inputting their comments and marks. As a result, we will be delaying our Term 2 report cards to allow teachers adequate time to learn the new system and complete their report cards. Parents can expect Term 2 Report Cards to come home on March 11th this year instead of on Feb 13th as previously advertised.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning.


Gord Ritchie

Principal – Hillcrest Elementary School