Extra-mural Sports

Grade 5 students at Hillcrest are given the opportunity to participate in a limited spectrum of extra-mural sports. Last year both volleyball and basketball had a schedule and tournament. Other sports opportunities are cross country running and track and field which are organized at the district level by the elementary athletic association.


Throughout the year, the staff at Hillcrest attempts to provide opportunities for all students to engage in a variety of physical activities outside of the regular classroom program.  These activities include dances, fun day events, and intramural sporting challenges.  These activities change with the seasons and generally take place during the lunch hour.  Their aim is to promote life-long physical fitness and health, while developing good co-operation and sportsmanship skills and attitudes.

Special Events

A number of traditional events have been established at Hillcrest School over the years.  These may change, however, from time to time depending on the goals and needs of the staff, parents, students, and community.

Examples are:

  1. September – Terry Fox Run
  2. February – Pirate Loppet
  3. October – U.N.I.C.E.F. Fundraising event
  4. December – Christmas Concert
  5. April – Spring Carnival
  6. May – Parent ‘Thank You’ Tea
  7. June – Year End Assembly (Grade 5 students)
  8. June –Staff Appreciation Luncheon

A number of cultural performances are also held throughout the year.  Parents are welcome to attend these.