Return to School Safety Plan

With our new COVID reality there has been a lot of extra planning needed in preparation for the upcoming school year. We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated, caring and professional team at our school who have been working hard to ensure they will be well prepared to welcome students back to school. Please read the document above thoroughly as it contains important information about our Hillcrest specific safety plan and procedures. All students will participate in a safety orientation on their first day of school, however, we encourage you to go over the information in this document with your child before then.

We must work together this year to keep each other safe by ensuring students and staff stay home if they are sick. Parents will be expected to complete a Health Check (See above) with their child each day before school Drop-off. Parents should not bring students if they answered “yes” to any of the questions on the Heath Check. Parents will be required to sign a form in Parent Connect indicating that they agree to complete the daily Health Check with their child instead of providing a paper Heath Check Ticket as was required in June.