School Improvement Plan


Goal Statement #1

Provide students with more opportunities to learn outdoors.


  • We want to enhance student engagement.
  • We want to enhance student engagement.
  • Our school community values outdoor learning
  • We have an ideal school grounds for learning outdoors.
  • This goal fits well in many facets of the renewed curriculum.
  • As the District moves forward with technology, we see the need to balance this with outdoor learning.

Goal Statement #2

Improve student literacy- reading


The early reading intervention program at Hillcrest was discontinued in 2015. Last year we used Education Fund money to hire a .4 Reading Helping Teacher. We were able to have non­-categorized students, who are not meeting expectations in reading, receive some small group intervention.


Click on the link below to read our school improvement plan from 2016-17. Our school goals remain the same for the 2017-18 school year.

Hillcrest Growth Plan 2016-17 (Short)