Bus Safety


Thank you to our amazing SD83 bus drivers for teaching our students all about Bus Safety during our annual bus evacuation drills this week.

We would like to remind parents to…

  • stop when red lights on the bus are activated (We Stop – You Stop)
  • be patient and not rush the bus
  • ensure they are not driving distracted around a school bus
  • stay clear of the “Danger Zones” around the bus by staying on marked crosswalks and sidewalk and never walking between busses
  • never park within 3 car lengths of a crosswalk or intersection so that pedestrians can be easily seen

Breakfast Program Survey

A message from Kayla Vannieuwenhuizen (Breakfast Program Coordinator):

We’re into month two of our breakfast program, here at Hillcrest, and I’m thankful to have taken over the role of breakfast program coordinator. My name is Kayla Vannieuwenhuizen and after our PAC president Morgan Wilson kicked off the year with the program, I was really excited to get on board and help out our students. We would appreciate if you could take 2 minutes to fill out this survey we have put together, so that we are making sure we are doing what’s best for all our students here at Hillcrest. With the support of The Breakfast Program of Canada and our parent volunteers, a huge thank you must go out to them all. Many parents have already filled a role this year in assisting the program by making sure our students have the best possible start to their days with a healthy meal.

SURVEY LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/J6RRLK2

Hillcrest Fall Clean-up


Don’t miss our annual Hillcrest Fall Clean-up on Saturday October 19 from 9:00-11:00am. There are lots of jobs to be done, from weeding to replacing the boards on our wooden benches. Please report the the main entrance at 9:00am for a quick meeting before signing up for a job. We look forward to seeing as many families as possible at this wonderful community event!

Understanding the Teenage Brain

Your invited to a Parent Presentation:

Understanding The Teenage Brain

How can parents best support and meet the needs of their growing, changing adolescents? The teenage brain is different from any other brain in history, presenting many challenges. Discover why the adolescent brain is in turmoil, how to boost its plasticity, how the teen brain learns and works best, plus how to engage and communicate in relevant and practical ways. Learn leading edge, easy to apply ideas from Neuroscience to help unleash the potential of the teenage brain. Acquire skills on how to support them to become healthy, happy, life-long learning adults. The more knowledge parents have about the adolescent brain, the more benefits can be passed on. If you want to help teenagers in today’s world, then you need to start with their brain. This high energy, fun, surprising workshop is full of hope and optimism for the future of all teenagers.

This session is appropriate for parents, educators and students from Grade 5 – 12.

Presenter: Gary Anaka, Brain Coach

Gary is a pioneer in Brain Health and Wellness. As a brain coach since 1997, he has presented over 1100 keynotes and workshops to people in all walks of life nationally and internationally.

Date: Monday, October 28

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Shuswap Lake Room, DESC

341 Shuswap St. SW, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Healthy Bites – Tip #1

A simple guideline for raising healthy children: 5-4-3-2-1-0
5 servings fruits and veggies
4 hugs
3 smiles
2 or less hours of screen time
1 or more hours of active play
0 sugar sweetened beverages
Raising healthy children is more complex than a simple guideline; however, this formula does offer a helpful way to remember today’s basic public health messages for children. Our children are growing up in an environment that makes healthy choices difficult, and often parents must go out of our way to help them adopt healthy behaviours that will help them prevent chronic disease later in life. While consumption of occasional sugar-sweetened beverages is fine, the spirit of the guideline is that these drinks should not be consumed on a regular basis and that water is the drink of choice.
Note: Healthy Bites are brought to us by the SD83 Healthy Schools team.

Kindergarten Registration 2020-2021

Registration opens for Kindergarten on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9 a.m. This early date allows for more equitable access and better planning. All registrations on this date are treated as equal so there is no need for line-ups! If you know of a family in our neighborhood with a 3 or 4 year old child, please help us spread the word by letting them know about this important date.
Parents registering should bring proof of citizenship (ie birth certificate), proof of residence, your child’s care card and their immunization record. Information on required documentation can be found on the school district’s website at New to Our District.
For information on Early French Immersion and the South Canoe Outdoor Learning Program please click on the link below.