Unplug and Play

Next week is Unplug and Play week! Hillcrest will be participating by hosting the following events.

  • Take a Book/Leave a Book (all week outside the the library)
  • Plaid to Read a Book Day (students are encouraged to dress in Plaid for a buddy reading activity following lunch on Wednesday Jan 29)
  • Family Fitness Night (Friday Jan 31 @ 6:45pm in the gym at Hillcrest). All families are welcome to attend! Thank you to our PAC for sponsoring this event.

In addition to the events at Hillcrest there are also dozen of events around the community. Please see the passport and poster below for more information.

LINK: Unplug and Play Passport 2020


Parking Lot Safety

Our parking lot can be challenging at the best of times, and with the extra snow this year it can be even more frustrating.  Lately we have noticed that several of our parking lot expectations are not being followed as closely as we would like. Below is a reminder of the expectations we have to ensure everyone’s safety and keep traffic flowing.

  1. At no times should vehicles be parked in the Kiss and Go lane. This includes times when the parking lot is not busy. As this area is also a Fire Lane it must remain open at all times.
  2. Vehicles should not enter the staff parking area. This is where our students line up for their buses.
  3. Pedestrians must stay on the sidewalks. Navigating our busy parking lot is made much more difficult if pedestrians are constantly walking through traffic. We will do our best to ensure sidewalks are clear and salted throughout the winter.
  4. Our entire parking lot is an idle free zone. In addition to wanting to prevent further pollution we also have “Young Lungs at Work”.
  5. Always leave 3 car lengths when parking near a crosswalk or an intersection. It is important that vehicles on the road can clearly see if students are getting ready to cross. This applies to the crossing walk across the field as well.

Finally, if you are parking in our parking lot, we also ask that you fill the parking lot by parking in the stalls furthest away from the entrance first as shown in the map below. This will ensure that empty stalls are easily visible.

Thank you for your cooperation by adhering to our parking lot expectations.

Parking Lot

Cold Weather Policy


With the extremely cold temperatures expected this week it is important that students dress for the weather when coming to school. Please see the image above for some guidelines with respect to dressing for the cold.

During very poor weather students will be permitted to play appropriately inside. Given the protection offered by our surrounding forests, when temperatures are in the range of -10 to -15 degrees at the school, students are typically expected to play outside as long as the windchill isn’t too bad. When the temperature drops below -15 degrees at the school there is a good chance students will have an indoor recess.  The decision whether or not to have an indoor recess rests with the principal and is based on a number of factors (ie. temperature at the school, windchill, shelters available, length of time outside, etc.).

If your child arrives at school before the bell, some teachers may choose to open their classroom doors a few minutes early on extreme cold weather days. If your child’s classroom door is not open, the multi-purpose room is alway open in the morning at 7:45am for both the breakfast program and as a quite place to take shelter from the cold.  Please note, if your child is “too ill” to play outside at lunch and recess, they should not be at school.  This policy is in place to protect the health of all students, staff and guests at Hillcrest.

Breakfast Program Volunteers Needed

happy breakfast

The Breakfast program is looking for volunteers. It is important we have parent help to continue the program so if you have some spare time in the mornings, it would be so appreciated. Currently we need help on the following days…

  • Tuesdays, alternating weeks staring January 14th. This is our grab and go day and very easy! Students line up outside the door for their food. There is minimal prep required.
  • Thursdays, alternating as well starting January 14th. This is our pancake day and a major hit so extra important we have the parent helpers!

Please email kaylavann88@gmail.com if you can assist in any way.

Winter Concerts

activitymore-51B0367A-1CDD-4860-A0AB-5D6C79502BCFCongratulations to all of our students on some outstanding winter concerts this year! Our students should be extremely proud of themselves for the hard work they put into learning their parts in the show. Thank you to Mr. Roberts, Ms. Skibbe and our entire Hillcrest staff for the hours spent working with our students to ensure each of them could do their best.

The Spirit of Giving


Mrs. Menzies and her students went on a field trip to Picadilly Mall on Friday. They were shopping for children of families who may be experiencing hardship this holiday season.  While at the mall students picked out tags from the Christmas tree reading “Boy aged x” or “Girl aged x” and purchased gifts for the children with money they raised as a class.  Mrs. Menzies matched the money raised by the students to provide almost $400 for the students to spend on gifts!

For those looking to get involved in the Christmas Gift Campaign put on by the Shuswap Family Centre, Christmas trees have be placed throughout the community decorated with tags. Participants are to take a tag from one of the trees and purchase a gift. The Shuswap Family Centre asks that if the gift requires batteries, the gifter include those along with wrapping paper and tape.

The Christmas trees can be found at the following locations:

  • Piccadilly Mall
  • Centenoka Park Mall
  • SASCU Branch locations
  • Canadian Tire Shuswap Family Centre

Div 8 – Family Math Night


Students in Mrs. Corbett’s class were encouraged to bring their families to school recently for a night of Math games and activities.  It was awesome to see so many students and their families participating! Not only did families learn how to practice math at home through fun math games, each family also received a package of instructions for the games they played and a gift bag full of the manipulatives (dice, cards etc.) one would need to play them. Thank you to everyone who came out and to Mrs. Corbett for organizing such a fun packed evening of learning.