Healthy Bites – Tip #2

Healthy Bites: Dinnertime Blues

Feeding children can be a demoralizing experience, especially with young children. But there is light at the end of the tunnel— with years of practice, children do learn to eat a variety of foods and mealtimes do get easier. Here are some strategies for survival:

  • Be Prepared: Creating a weekly meal plan is a great strategy to reduce mealtime stress. It allows you to have ingredients on-hand, meat defrosted and left-overs on days that you know will be busy. Meal plans can also save you money.
  • Come to the table hungry (but not hangry): Hungry kids are always better eaters. Sometimes poor behaviour at supper results from too much snacking after school.
  • Overtired children: School can be an overwhelming experience, especially for young children. Add day care or after school activities, and it can be a recipe for disaster. Children eat better when they are relaxed and rested. Consider earlier meal times or reducing scheduled activities.
  • Check-in with yourself: Stressed parents usually result in stressed children. If patience is gone by dinner time, find a strategy for self-regulation. This could mean enjoying a glass of wine, allowing yourself some space from your children while you cook dinner, or, worst-case scenario, locking yourself in the bathroom for five minutes of meditation!
  • Try stick to a routine: Routine and consistency around mealtimes is another great strategy. When children know what to expect, and how they are expected to behave, it helps reinforce positive mealtime behaviours.

Zero Waste Lunch Day – Oct 30, 2019


The Hillcrest Green Team would like to challenge families to make a zero waste lunch on Wednesday October 30, 2019. This is a two-part challenge:

• No single use plastic wrappers or containers, or other plastic waste
• Throw out as little uneaten food as possible

We will be entering the Zero Food Waste Challenge contest to try to win $1500.

Please see the attached handout for more information about this Green Team initiative and helpful strategies for making a Zero Food Waste Lunch.

ATTACHMENT: Zero Waste Lunch Day – Information

Fall Clean-Up

IMG_5228A huge thank you to all of our Families who came out on the weekend to help with our annual Fall Clean-up. It’s amazing how much work you can get done when there are lots of helping hands. Our school grounds look awesome thank to our hard working volunteers!

Professional Development Day


Hillcrest Teachers will be travelling near and far on Friday Oct 25 as they participate in workshops and conferences around the province on their second Professional Development Day of the school year. Professional development opportunities are extremely important for our staff as they refine their practice and continue in their quest for lifelong learning. Below is a list of just some of the conferences/workshops our teachers will be attending.

  • BC Primary Teachers Association Conference (Nanaimo)
  • MyBluePrint Workshop (Hillcrest)
  • Learning Assistance Teachers Association Conference (Vancouver)
  • Innovate Conference (Penticton)
  • BC Music Education Association Conference (Vancouver)
  • Connecting Leaders Conference (Penticton)
  • Kids in the Know Workshop (SMS)
  • POPARD Training (DESC)
  • Physical Literacy Workshop (Jackson)
  • Every Day Anxiety Strategies (Jackson)
  • Salmon Forever Conference (Kingfisher)


Halloween Costumes and Candy

With Halloween is just around the corner we wanted to remind students that costumes need to be school appropriate and respectful (ie. Witch and Vampire Costumes are OK, but blood, gore or scary masks are not). Fake weapons (ie. swords, guns, knifes, etc.) are not acceptable either.

As for Halloween Candy, students can bring 1 piece of chocolate or a bag of chips to school each day for the week following Halloween. Any extra pieces will go to the principal:) No suckers or chewy candy please as they can be choking hazards.

We will be having our annual Monster March right after our morning announcements on Thursday Oct 31.

Toonie Tuesday

On Thursday October 17th, three high school students from the SD83 Leadership Committee came to Hillcrest to talk to the students about Toonie Tuesday.  This is a district-wide initiative where students and staff members work together to raise money for a community in Tanzania.

Toonie Tuesday

Collectively, the school district has been raising money for many years and donates the money to Free the Children, a Canadian organization started by Craig and Mark Kieburger.  Over the years, some of our high school students from our SD83 Leadership Committee, have even had the chance to go to various countries to help build schools in communities our school district has supported.

At Hillcrest, we are encouraging our students and staff members to bring a Toonie to donate to Free the Children.  Tuesday, October 22nd, will be the official collection day.  We hope our school community will continue to support this worthwhile cause.

Thank you for your support!


Bus Safety


Thank you to our amazing SD83 bus drivers for teaching our students all about Bus Safety during our annual bus evacuation drills this week.

We would like to remind parents to…

  • stop when red lights on the bus are activated (We Stop – You Stop)
  • be patient and not rush the bus
  • ensure they are not driving distracted around a school bus
  • stay clear of the “Danger Zones” around the bus by staying on marked crosswalks and sidewalk and never walking between busses
  • never park within 3 car lengths of a crosswalk or intersection so that pedestrians can be easily seen