Kindergarten Information

May 12, 2021

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Welcome to Hillcrest Elementary School! We are very excited about the opportunity to work with you and your child in their Kindergarten year and beyond.

Every spring we look forward to meeting our new Kindergarten students during our annual Kindergarten Orientation. Typically, we invite children and their parents into the school for a 45min orientation, with information for parents and activities for children. However, due to the ongoing pandemic and the COVID-19 restrictions in place, we are not able to host our traditional Kindergarten Orientation.

The information below outlines our modified plans to welcome our new Kindergarten students and their families to Hillcrest this year.

Welcome to Kindergarten Gift Pick-Up:

Parents are invited to bring their child to the Kindergarten Playground area (behind the gym) at Hillcrest anytime on Wednesday, June 16 between 1:00pm to 2:00pm to pick up a Welcome to Kindergarten Gift bag! This will be a great opportunity to meet some of our Kindergarten Team and ask any questions you or your child may have about Kindergarten at Hillcrest.

Kindergarten Welcome Video:

With the help of SMS student Claire Marino, our Kindergarten Team has put together a video to share with your child. Please let them know that we are planning to do some of our traditional Kindergarten Orientation activities with them in September during the first week of school.


Kindergarten Survey:

To help our Kindergarten Team get to know your child, please complete the survey below before Friday, May 21. Completing this survey also allows us to confirm that we have your correct email address.


Supporting Kindergarten Transition:

Below are links to two very helpful documents from School District 83 Early Learning Coordinator, Jen Findlay, on how to support your child in a successful and happy transition to Kindergarten. Please take some time to review these documents prior to the Welcome to Kindergarten Gift Pick-up so that our Kindergarten Team can answer any questions you may have.



Kindergarten Gradual Entry in September:

In September, your child will begin a gradual entry into Kindergarten. The gradual entry process helps support a smooth and successful transition into Kindergarten. Teachers will be introducing children to classroom routines and procedures and helping the students adjust to the new social and emotional realities of school. The first day of Kindergarten will be on Wednesday, September 8th. Children will come to school for 60 minutes on the first day. Over a two-week period, we will gradually increase the amount of time students are at school. The first full day of Kindergarten will be on Tuesday, September 21st. A complete information package with the exact schedule and details about the gradual entry will be sent out by email to each family in August.  Please note, class placements for Kindergarten students will not be finalized until the end of the first week of school.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information above, please feel free to contact me by calling the school at (250) 832-7195 or by emailing

We are looking forward to meeting your child in a few weeks and getting to know all our new Kindie students in September.


Gord Ritchie


Hillcrest Elementary School