School Fees

Download School Fee Letter: School Fees Letter

School Supplies Fee

The student supply/music fee of $32.00 is a mandatory fee for each student.  The school purchases student supplies in bulk so parents do not have to purchase them.

Activity Fee

Student activity fees assist with the expenses of a variety of student learning activities.  Our four cultural performances, the swimming program, skating program, gymnastics program and other school wide events that occur during the year are paid for from our Activity Fee.

Provincial legislation does not allow schools to charge a mandatory activity fee.  Our PAC and staff feel the programs supported by the school activity fee are important for our students.  We are requesting parents continue to pay the activity fee so that these student programs can continue.  Our ability to provide these programs will be dependent on the response from parents.

No child shall be denied access to a school sponsored program for financial reasons.  If circumstances do not permit payment at this point, please contact Mr. Ritchie at 250-832-7195.