School Fees

School Supplies Fee

All students have a mandatory school supply fee of $30 per child.  We purchase student supplies and then collect the cost from the parents. This allows for students to have standardized supplies and keep the costs down.  Intermediate and a few primary classes purchase Home/School Planning Books.  These costs are collected from parents in September.

School Activity Fee

Hillcrest School levies an annual activity fee of $20 per child, maximum $40 per family.  The activity fee assists in funding a variety of programs that are organized throughout the school year and are not covered under the regular school budget.  Provincial legislation does not allow schools to charge a mandatory activity fee.  Our PAC and staff feel the programs supported by the school activity fee are important  for our students.  We are requesting parents continue to pay the activity fee so that these programs can continue.

These include professional groups such as Axis Mime and Green Thumb Theatres.  In addition, activities such as the Gymnastic Program, Skating Progam, Swimming Program and Sports Day are subsidized by the activity fee.

This annual fee paid at the beginning of the year eliminates the necessity for students having to bring money to pay for each activity.  No child shall be denied access to a school sponsored program for financial reasons.  If circumstances do not permit payment of a fee please contact the Hillcrest School Principal.