Winter Concert Update

Mr. Roberts, teachers, staff and students are working hard on this year’s performance. Your child will participate in both an afternoon and an evening concert according to the schedule below.

Wednesday Dec 12 Thursday Dec 13
Div 2 – Ms. Tyssen/Mrs. Matuga

Div 4 – Mrs. Gecse

Div 6 – Mrs. Housden/Mrs. Kehl

Div 9 – Mrs. Meerza

Div 10 – Mrs. Mueller

Div 12 – Ms. Morrison

Div 14 – Mrs. Knipe

Div 1 – Mrs. Menzies

Div 3 – Mrs. Wentworth

Div 5 – Ms. Smith

Div 7 – Ms. Larmand/Ms. Atkins

Div 8 – Mrs. Corbett

Div 11 – Mrs. Boyd

Div 13 – Mrs. Porter

School doors will open at 6:10pm on the night of the concert. Students are to access their regular outside classroom door. Parents come through the main front doors of the gym – the front doors will be open at 6:10pm (parents may leave your boots on in the gym). There will be no reserve seating. Please do not arrive too early, as it may be cold waiting outside. Parking is difficult on concert nights, so we encourage any relatives/friends who are able to attend the afternoon concert to do so.

“How to train your Reindeer (to fly)” will run from 1:00 to 1:45 in the afternoon and 6:30 to 7:15 in the evening. Your child will be on stage for the entire concert, and will return to their classroom following the performance, where they can be picked up. Please be sure to pick up your child before heading to the book fair.

Donations of non-perishable food will be collected during the week prior to the concert and at the concert door for those who wish to donate. Also, the PAC will be selling tickets for the “Best Seats in the House” before the evening performances. The money collected from this fundraiser will be used to support our music program. We look forward to seeing you at your child’s concert(s)!

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