Battle of the Bands

Hillcrest students were rocking out last Thursday during our annual Battle of the Bands. Thank you students from Div 1 – “Bryan’s Toes and the 69 Dancing Monkeys”, Div 2 – “Tyssen’s Tacos”, and Div 3 – “Butter Rolls” for an outstanding show! All three bands did an amazing job and should be super proud of their performances and the work they put in to perfecting their sets. Thank you also to Mr. Roberts for providing so many of our students with opportunities this year to work as a team, challenge themselves, and step out of their confort zones during our musical performances.

If you missed the show or would just like to watch it again, please click on the links below. There is also a link to the special Teacher performance that kicked off the show.

LINK: Div 1 – “Bryan’s Toes and the 69 Dancing Monkeys”

LINK: Div 2 – “Tyssen’s Tacos”

LINK: Div 3 – “Butter Rolls”

LINK: Teacher Band – “Full Moons”

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